Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier

For pet lovers, the Winix HR900 Ultimate is designed with high technology and intelligent sensors that constantly purify the air so that pet owners can be assured that their air is free from allergens and other animal germ related diseases.
The purifier is responsible for trapping hair, dander, and odors emitted by pets in the home.

5 Stage air  filtration system

Besides, the device has 5 phases that are responsible for purifying the air through carbon and HEPA filters which provide advanced control of odors caused by household pets. Also, the filters are washable which allows you to extend its life and lower maintenance costs.

It also has a timer that allows you to keep the purifier active for one, four or eight consecutive hours and has four speeds which can be set manually or automatically, so that the sensors regulate the speed needed according to the amount of pollution at that time.

The great advantage of using Winix HR900 Ultimate is that it traps your pets’ hair, preventing it from accumulating on your furniture, beds or even your clothes, reducing the chances of your family getting sick from this type of contamination. It is ideal when children and pets live at home since their growth will not be affected by your pets’ germs.

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