Lightair Evolution IonFlow 50 Air Purifier Review

Lightair Evolution IonFlow 50

 Air Purifier

Lightair Evolution IonFlow 50

Although not a well-known brand, but Lightair Evolution IonFlow 50 is a great product, which comes with a 2-year warranty. The manufacturer stands by its design of the products and the impressive 2-year warranty significantly showcases the reliability as well as the durability of the product. 

The IonFlow is indeed a work of art and users can rely on it for the purification of air. The IonFlow air purifier uses powerful ion technology, which is safe and effective to purify the air circulating in your room.

The product is equipped with Ion functionality, which means it does not need to suck up allergens, smoke, odors, viruses, bacteria, and other particles. Instead, the device uses ions technology to capture air pollutants. In simple words, the device emits ions to capture and kill air allergens.

This device likewise effectively and safely promotes health/wellbeing for you. Rest assured, the IonFlow won’t create ozone like other air purifiers. Various laboratory tests have confirmed that the device can stop 99% of harmful airborne contaminants that may otherwise threaten the health of your household.

The IonFlow works effectively on the surface of 50 sqm. Thus, it delivers clean, fresh, and purified air throughout your home. The IonFlow has the highest quality air filter, which is inexpensive and easy to maintain. You won’t need to worry about the expenses and hassle of air filter replacement. In order to keep the device functioning appropriately, you must clean its particle collector periodically with a few drops of water and dishwashing liquid.

The IonFlow air purifier is considered one of the quietest products on the market today. It produces only 5dB as compared to other models of the same company that produces 25 and 80 dB. 

Lightair Evolution IonFlow 50 Features & Specifications

Filtration System Filterless Ion emission technology
Item Dimensions 7.5 x 26 inches
Coverage Area sq ft 540
Air Quality Indicator N/A
Filter Replacement Indicator N/A
Noise Levels in dB 5 dB
Fan Speeds N/A
Power Consumption 5 W
CADR Scores  N/A
Warranty 2 Year limited
Pros Cons
– No need for  parts or filters, saving you money and time.
– Ultra-quiet device
– Great design
– Suitable for bedrooms and offices
– Portable.
– No Timer
– Expensive


The IonFlow 50 air purifier has an incredible 2-year warranty, which allows you to safely use the product. You have two years to test the product. The company claims you won’t face any issue. However, if there are any problems, you can contact the manufacturer or the retailer within the 24 months period.

Filtration System

The IonFlow 50 air purifier is a filterless unit. The filtration system is based entirely on ion emission technology, which captures the airborne pollutants and kills them immediately.

Filter Replacement Indicator

Since the device is filterless, there is no need for filter replacement. However, you need to clean the particle collector periodically.

Air Quality Indicator

Small particles that threaten your health are below 2.5 PM. The IonFlow air purifier has the ability to capture smaller airborne particles and destroy them instantaneously to keep the air clean, fresh, and safe for breathing.

Noise Levels in dB

The IonFlow Air purifier has a noise level of 5 dB. Which means that the device won’t make any sound or noise while running on low or medium speed. However, when you adjust it to a maximum, it may make a little noise. However, it won’t disturb you.

Item Dimensions

According to the manufacturer, the product’s dimensions are 7,5×26 in. /19×66 cm, which makes it one of the most reliable air purifiers on the market.


The IonFlow air purifier is suitable for covering a room size of 540 sq. ft.

Power Consumption

The IonFlow air purifier only consumes 5W energy, which is extremely low as compared to other types of air purifiers.