Ivation Energy Star Compressor 4,500 Sq. Ft. 70 Pint Dehumidifier


Ivation Energy Star Compressor

The Ivation industry creates many technological items to better your life at home. Many include wine coolers, heaters, kitchenware, and you guessed it dehumidifiers. The Ivation energy star compressor offers a compact yet powerful performance for all your needs. It provides you with all the needs necessary for a dehumidifier and more!
This product creates comfortable breathable clean air that has an innovative filtration system. The evaporation system ensures safe and pleasant surroundings to prevent mold.

For the humid time of the year, you don’t have to worry as it removes 70/pints of moisture a day. The tech-savvy systematic LCD interface provides a humidistat that can be adjusted to your ideal levels. I bet you’re wondering,

“Does it have good room coverage? Glad you asked, the Ivation Energy Star Compressor for 4,500 Sq. Ft of coverage around your home. So now you can sleep easy with cleaner air. The filtration system also takes scare of nasty germs that cause dust production. Minimize cleaning in your spare time and stop coughing up bad dust. You want to live a quality life but how are you going to without a breath of fresh air.

Ivation Energy Star Compressor Specifications

Manufacturer: Ivation
Capacity: 70 pints a day
Coverage: 4500 Sq. Ft.
Maximum noise level:  dB
Lowest operating temperature: 5℃
Warranty: 90 day
Dimensions: 15.4L x  10.8W x 10.8H inch
Suitable for rooms: Large Rooms / Basements
Auto-defrost: Yes
Hose drain outlet: Yes
Pump: Yes
Timer: Yes 24 hours
Type: Refrigerant




  • ⮚ Covers 4,500 sq. ft
  • ⮚ Has great air filtration design
  • ⮚ Comes with wheels to easily move
  • ⮚ Easy-to-remove water tank
  • ⮚ Frost sensor
  • ⮚ Washable air filter
  • ⮚ Drainage system with pump
  • ⮚ Energy Star Compressor
  • ⮚ Looks old
  • ⮚ Unspecified noise level