Dyson Pure Hot Cool air purifier

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier Review

Designed with the best technology, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool air purifier gives you smart cleaning all year round. But its star feature is that it can cool or heat the air while it is cleaning.

Wi-Fi and Mobile app connectivity

It connects to your smartphone where you can see how clean the air in your home is, the levels of pollution it has removed and other statistics to better understand how the device works.
Smart sensors displays on the device and on the mobile app.
It can even be controlled by voice, using applications such as Alexa, as it has a Wi-Fi internet connection. Its  Child safe design allows it to be used in all kinds of rooms, even those where there are children because there is no way they can hurt themselves with the purifier.

2 Stage air  filtration system HEPA and  carbon filters

Besides, you can distribute the air according to your needs, among two options, you can choose between having a personal airflow or spread the purified airflow throughout the room. It is important to note that the device has a sleep mode, meaning that when you go to bed, it will automatically adjust the operating levels to avoid disturbing your sleep rhythm.
The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifier has 360° technology which eliminates kitchen smells, air pollution, smoke and reduces 99% of the germs and volatile viruses that can affect your loved ones’ health.

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