Blueair Classic 480i Review

Blueair Classic 480i

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Blueair Classic 480i

Anyone can benefit from having an air purifier in their homes.
The Classic 480i has the option for a particle filter or for their Smokestop filter filtering up to 99.97% of harmful particles and (VOCs) volatile organic compounds. With it’s advanced HEPA filter with the electrostatic and mechanical filtration system. It boasts multiple functions such as: on/off function, fan speed, child lock, indoor and outdoor air quality with recommendations on the air filtration required,  with its wifi connected mobile app.
Let’s take a look at what sets this air purifier apart with our Blueair Classic 480i review.

Blueair Classic 480i Features & Specifications

Filtration System 2 Stage:  HEPA filter and Carbon filter
Item Dimensions 23 x 20 x 11 inches
Coverage Area sq ft  434
Air Quality Indicator  Yes
Filter Replacement Indicator  Yes
Noise Levels in dB  32 -52 dB
Fan Speeds  1, 2, 3
Power Consumption  15 – 90 W
CADR Scores


Dust: 300
Smoke: 280
Pollen: 300
5 air changes per hour
Warranty  1-5 Years
Pros Cons
– Smart mobile app features
– Remote control  via mobile app
– Timer control  via mobile app
– Wi-Fi enabled
– High asking price
– Bulky
– Noisy on high settings

Blueair Classic 480i Design

The Blueair Classic 480i features a similar design to earlier models from Blueair, such as the Classic 405. It’s 23 inches high and 20 inches wide, which puts it in the medium-size category. The purifier features an air grill on either side. It’s just as welcome here as it was with the 405. The design optimizes the air flow through the purifier and makes the machine as a whole more efficient.
One thing that does set the Blueair Classic 480i apart from the previous models is the new digital control panel. This includes a button for the auto smart sensor mode as well as two indicators that show the levels of VOC and PM 2.5 in the room.
The air purifier is made from a durable steel and the bulky design means it weighs in at around 33lbs. It can become difficult to move it around because of this. The good news is that there is the option to have caster wheels installed on the purifier. It makes the Blueair Classic 480i much more mobile.

Blueair Classic 480i Filters

The only way to properly assess the quality and ability of an air purifier is to look at the quality of the air filters. The amount of types of air filters is also important. This machine ranks among the best for the quality of the air filters used.
The main filter is the particle filter. This filter uses a true HEPA filter to capture up to 99.97% of allergens including dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and viruses down to just 0.1 microns. If you need something extra, then you can purchase the SmokeStop filter. This filter is a combination of the True HEPA filter and an Activated Carbon Filter. Activated Carbon filters pull odors and gasses out of the air to leave your home smelling better.
Like other Blueair air purifiers, the Classic 480i uses the proprietary HEPASilent technology. This technology helps to prevent clogging and prevent particles from being released back into the atmosphere. It uses electrostatic cling to charge particles before releasing them, eliminating up to 99.97% of microns from 0.1 microns.


The Classic 480i is a fine upgrade to the older Classic 405. It has improved sensors and improved filters. If you don’t have an older Classic, or indeed any kind of air purifier at all, then this would be an excellent choice. It’s got everything you need for pure and clean air.