Blueair Classic 480i Review

Blueair Classic 480i Air Purifier Play Previous Next Blueair Classic 480i Anyone can benefit from having an air purifier in their homes. The Classic 480i has the option for a particle filter or for their Smokestop filter filtering up to 99.97% of harmful particles and (VOCs) volatile organic compounds. With it’s advanced HEPA filter with … Read more

Air Oasis 1000G3 Ion Air Purifier Review

Air Oasis 1000G3

  The Air Oasis 1000G3 offers antibacterial powers in a quiet and compact unit that delivers best-in-class performance. This Air Oasis ionizer has an incredible room coverage, purifies bacteria and mold, and does so much more. The secret behind the high efficiency of the model is the combination of germicidal UV-C, AHPCO ionization, and the … Read more

Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier Review

Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier Air Purifier Previous Next Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier The Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier is the most basic model from the Ultimate Pet series from Winix, but don’t let that fool you. The machine still has a lot working in its favor, including the unique double … Read more

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Review

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier Play Previous Next Rabbit Air MinusA2 This is an air purifier that is a contender for the best purifier of 2019. Rabbit Air is a trusted brand of over a decade, and the MinusA2 is an air purifier that has a practically perfect filtration system, has a plethora of smart … Read more

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Review

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link​ Air Purifier Play Play Previous Next Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link​ The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link is one of the most sort after air purifiers, with the technology Dyson is famous for with their other products. First and for most this, air purifier can cool and … Read more

IQAir HealthPro® 250 Review

IQAir HealthPro® 250 Air Purifier Play Previous Next IQAir HealthPro® 250 The multiple award winning IQAir HealthPro series air purifer you get greater than 99.5% removal for particles less than or equal to 0.003 – 1.00 microns that is 100 types smaller that the True HEPA filters. With advanced medical grade filtration, you can also remove … Read more

Key Features to look out for when buying an Air Purifier

Our checklist includes when choosing an air purifier. – Price range: It depends on how much you want to invest in a suitable air purifier –  Filtration system: The different types of filters or other air purification systems used in an air purifier. –  Filter replacement indicator: Some air purifiers have indicators which notify you when you need to … Read more