45 Types of Mold

Types of Mold Mold is a specific type of fungi that’s part of the natural environment. They are microscopic organisms that grow almost anywhere with dampness or wet conditions, high temperatures, and a minimal amount of light. They develop into hyphae either indoors and outdoors as long as there are favorable conditions. When fully grown, … Read more


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Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier

For pet lovers, the Winix HR900 Ultimate is designed with high technology and intelligent sensors that constantly purify the air so that pet owners can be assured that their air is free from allergens and other animal germ related diseases. The purifier is responsible for trapping hair, dander, and odors emitted by pets in the … Read more

Rabbit Air Minus A2 air purifier

The Rabbit Air Minus A2 air purifier is a device that allows you to effortlessly keep the air in your home or office clean. The air purifier has an intelligent system that works with a wireless internet connection, allowing you to control the levels of cleanliness and monitor the quality of the air at all … Read more

IQ Air HealthPro 250 air purifier

The IQ Air HealthPro 250 air purifier has the most advanced technology, capable of detecting 90% of these particles, thanks to its exclusive filters with HyperHEPA technology which can stop particles at the microscopic level. Filters particles less than or equal to 0.003 – 1.00 microns that is 100 types smaller that the True HEPA 3 Stage … Read more

Honeywell HPA300 air purifier

Designed for extra-large rooms of about 465 square feet, the HPA300 air purifier can clean up 99% of environmental pollution, protecting your family not only from unpleasant odors but also from dangerous particles that cause allergies and chronic respiratory diseases. The device has advanced technology that on three different levels is able to reduce pollution … Read more

Dyson Pure Hot Cool air purifier

Designed with the best technology, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool air purifier gives you smart cleaning all year round. But its star feature is that it can cool or heat the air while it is cleaning. Wi-Fi and Mobile app connectivity It connects to your smartphone where you can see how clean the air in your … Read more

Coway AP-1512HH air purifier

With incredible cutting-edge features, the Coway AP – 1512HH is a powerful purifier with a compact design that helps you keep the air clean in every room of your home. 4 Stage air  filtration system Its technology is composed of a four-stage system that is responsible for pre-filtering, deodorizing, applying HEPA filters and using vital … Read more

Blueair Classic 480i Air Purifier

With the approval of the Asthma and Allergy Association, the Blueair Classic 480i is the ideal air purifier for those who want to take care of their health on a daily basis, as it removes all the causes of chronic diseases associated with breathing. The compact size of the device has a range of 40 … Read more

Alen BreathSmart Classic Air Purifier

If you have an open concept house, or very long rooms, the design of Alen BreatheSmart Classic is ideal for purifying the air in your home, it has filters whose capacity is for environments of 1100 square feet, so you can use it in your workplace, basements, offices, playroom and master rooms too. It is … Read more