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Airfree T800 Filterless

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Airfree T800 Filterless

Airfree T800 Filterless is an air purifier that comes with TSS technology. A number of world-renowned research institutions as well as ISO 17025 laboratories in different countries like Germany, Sweden, and the United States have tested TSS technology and found it to be very effective in reducing the levels of pollutants in the air, killing microorganisms, and make the atmosphere of the room clean, fresh, and safe.

At a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, this air purifier works well to eliminate microorganisms. Once the air is sterilized and cooled, it is returned to the environment. Airfree T800 kills dust mites, mold, viruses, bacteria, pollen, tobacco particles, pollens, and other organic allergens.

Airfree T800 air purifier carries out the entire process silently – without making any noise. Also, this air purifier does not require any kind of maintenance, and you won’t need to replace the filters – not even occasionally. You just have to switch on the air purifier and allow it to do its job.

Airfree T800 does not emit ozone, UV light, and ions. The TSS technology has been found very effective in reducing the levels of UV light, ions, and ozone in the air. In addition, the device consumes low energy and since it has TSS technology, it does not require the use of fans or filters. Therefore, it has low power consumption.

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Airfree Onix 3000 Features & Specifications

Filtration System Filterless Sterilizing heat filtration system and TSS Technology
Item Dimensions 10.4 x 5.1 inches
Coverage Area sq ft 180
Air Quality Indicator No
Filter Replacement Indicator N/A
Noise Levels in dB 10 dB
Fan Speeds   N/A
Power Consumption 33 W
CADR Scores Pollen: 401
Dust: 325
Smoke: 315
Warranty 2 Year limited
Pros Cons
– Filterless and completely silent
– No maintenance cost
– Anti-stress light
– Portable.
– Does not have the capability to capture the particulate matters


Airfree T800 air purifier has two years warranty from the manufacturer, which means that if the device suffers any kind of issue, you can return it to the company and they will fix it.

Filtration System

Airfree T800 does not have any filtration system. However, it does come with a specialized technology known as the “TSS,” which draws in pollutants, microbes, and other types of particles from the air and kills them at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Filter replacement indicator

Airfree T800 air purifier does not require you to change filters – not even occasionally. The TSS system makes it pioneering in terms of technology, which means you can use it without any worry to spend extra money on maintenance.

Air Quality Indicator

The TSS system contained in the T800 air purifier can significantly improve the quality of air by reducing the levels of ions, ozone, and UV light.

Noise Levels in dB

It is a noiseless device with only 10 dB.

Item Dimensions:

Airfree T800 air purifier is a small device with 10.4 inches height and 5.1 inches diameter, which makes it portable, reliable, and easy-to-use device.

Coverage Square foot

The manufacturer recommends the T800 air purifier to be used in rooms up to 180 Sq. ft. which means it is a great product when it comes to smaller spaces.

CADR Scores

The CADR scores for the Airfree Onix 3000 are 325 (Dust), 401 (Pollen), and 315 (Smoke).

Power Consumption

The power requirement for Airfree T800 is 110-127 volts whereas the energy consumption is 33 watts. Thus, it is a low-power consumption device that saves you money.


The device has no timer, which means you have to manually adjust the airflow and other functionalities.